Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 10: Perfect Posture

Today's devotional spoke to the fact that even as Jesus was carrying the cross to his inevitable crucifixion and death, he held perfect posture.  He composed Himself with humbleness, compassion, selflessness, patience and unconditional love all the while feeling pain and knowing His destiny.

I loved how Jennifer says, "attitude is the posture of your heart and it is almost always expressed physically through your body language."  How true is that!?  I struggle with attitude issues once in a while and I felt like this devotional topic really spoke to me and reminded me that if I choose to live like Christ did with those attributes mentioned above, that I will experience better communication, true love, a home filled with peace, and create an atmosphere for intimacy with God and with my husband.

This morning Torey and I spent some time discussing the last four days' devotional topics and scriptures as well as challenges.  He said that he has noticed a change in my overall happiness and compassion.  He sees God working through me and I feel it is changing the dynamic in our home.  I hope to continue to build the light that God has lit within me as mentioned in Day 9's devotional on being a good wife.

Today's challenge on making myself more aware of my attitude expressed through my body language will be a true challenge for me.  I'm often not aware of my effect on my husband and my family when I'm upset, but I will be diligent and try my best to make myself aware.  (I'll be praying about this one too.)

What did you ladies find are positive and negative examples of postures expressed towards your husbands?


  1. Trista, Thanks so much for posting for us this morning!

    I took the time to you tube the song Oceans by Hillsong united that Jennifer mentioned in today's video. It is a great song. I recommend giving it a list.

    In today's video from Jennifer I can really identify with the frustration she talks about having the day before. I find myself being really frustrated and overwhelmed when several little things go wrong like she described. I end up taking out my frustration on Justin. He is always blindsiding asking what did I do wrong? I feel really guilty when this happens.

    As for body languages, positive postures I have include: smiling at Justin, opening my arms to hug him, relaxing my shoulders (these are in Justin's words... I asked him what some of my positive postures were). Negative postures include: I've been told I have looks that could kill. But from Justin's perspective: tension shoulders, evil eyes, sighing, folding my arms.

    I was glad I was able to ask him to tell him what some of my body languages are that he experiences both positive and negative. There is always room for improvement and hearing from him helps me know where to start praying and improving.

  2. I thought Trina's idea to ask her husband for examples of positive and negative postures was great. Therefore, I decided to do the same. Per Ryan, my negative postures include rolling my eyes, folding my arms, giving him the "look," and snapping at him when he asks questions. As for positive postures, he said when I smile, laugh, and want to cuddle.

    I know that attitude and body language makes a huge difference in all relationships. By identifying some of my negative postures, I hope to overcome these issues and make my relationships better with my husband, my family, and my friends.


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