Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 12: The Armor of God

Happy Friday!

Today's topic on the full armor of God is an in depth topic. I remember referencing part of today's scripture reading on one of the other days in the beginning of our devotional! I love that this devotional forces me to get into scripture. I am glad she didn't list the scriptures on the page. It would have promoted my laziness to open up my Bible each day. Of course that is what the devil wants... he wants me to feel like oh I don't need to open  my Bible and read scripture daily. Yeah Right Satan....

The topic of the full armor of God is scripture I have read before and am familiar with. I have heard sermons on this topic and it has been covered in other devotionals I have done before. But I love how Jennifer takes the time to break each of the pieces of the armor down and how she relates it to our marriages. Today's challenge is actually a good challenge to try out. It will take some rereading of the verses to get down all the pieces of the full armor but once you do it several days in a roll you will get it! I can just picture each of us getting ready in the mornings, putting on all the pieces of armor to take on the battle field known as our daily lives.

Here are a couple of quotes I really liked from other wives:

What “flaming arrows” threaten your marriage?

I see flaming arrows as lies and insecurities from the enemy about my husband’s love and care for me. I often say things out of my hurt after believing deception from the enemy like, “He must not care because...he did this or didn’t do that!”

And they are moments I allow discontentment into my heart, believing that what I have isn't good enough. The attitude that stems from disappointment is ugly. - Jennifer Smith

We as wives are responsible for what we assume our husbands are thinking. With God's hand on our lives and marriages we have to put our faith in God and marriage and no matter what the enemy puts in our marriage we have to lean on God.

The enemy puts many things in our marriage (lies, deceit, hurtful words, and unfaithfulness but if we put on God's armor: the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, feet fitted with readiness, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and the sword of spirit) we can defeat the enemy." - Gwen Ladner Dodds


I really really identify with Jennifer's quote. I have even said things like that to myself before. Now I see these were all attacks on my marriage in the form of lies and insecurities. 

Which of the pieces of armor do you struggle the most with? 

For me it is the Gospel of Peace and the Shield of Faith. I often experience anxiety, fear, and insecurity. It often comes to the surface in the form of lashing out at Justin. I see it now, but it's taken a long time for me to realize. For the Shield of Faith, it has been hard to understand and trust that God's plan is so much Bigger and better than anything Justin and I can plan for ourselves. In waiting for God to show us where he is taking us with jobs has been frustrating. I lack patience, as I think most people do. We want things to fall into place NOW! But I think God just giggles at us struggling while he already has all of the pieces of the puzzle put together and all of the plans in place. We just have to trust him. Sounds easy, right?! Easier said than done! 


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  2. After reading the scripture, I came to the conclusion that I tend to face each day alone. However, I am never truly alone. Each day if I were to put on the full armor of God, I could do anything. One of the main things I struggle with is praying in all occasions. It is extremely difficult to pray when things are going wrong. I often get angry with God and wonder why he allows certain things to happen in my life. However, I know that it is those times when I need prayer the most. Whether things are good or bad, God is always there. He knows what is in my heart, so why not lay it all down at his feet. I know that I can gain the strength needed to face each day through him, and him alone. My challenge for the entire week is to pray each morning before I begin my day rather than at night, after the day has taken a toll on me. I am looking forward to trying this strategy first thing in the morning!

    1. Michelle, that is a GREAT idea to start each day by praying rather than at night. I pray at night myself, but what a great way to connect with God before we face daily challenges! If you don't mind, I'll join you in that challenge!! :-)

  3. Michelle,

    I think that is a great idea to change it up and start your day in prayer! I can't wait to see how that impacts your daily activities at work, the gym, and where ever each day takes you. I know it is a hectic time for you now that tax season is in full swing. I am praying for you that God will give you all you need. I pray that you will not be victim to Satan's attacks of feeling anxious, overwhelmed or frustrated. Love you sweet friend!

  4. Today's devotional was intense and really made myself reflect on my areas of struggle. I loved how Jennifer put the armor into perspective of putting our armor on each and every morning to face each day. It helped me to visualize it for today's challenge. I plan to make a list of these to print out and have present in my house such as on my refrigerator, in my office, and in my daily planner.

    I had never had these armors laid out for me before, so when I read them in scripture form, it was easily put that God is simply calling me to live each day with all of them. One other thing I loved about Jennifer's rendition of them is that if you put all of the marriage benefits together that she listed, here they are: truthfulness, trust, intimacy, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, healing, freedom, harmony, stability, hope, passion, purpose, grace, comfort, understanding and focus. WOW! What a list of wonderful things we will have if we live for Christ each day and wear the Armor of God.

    My challenge area is the Shield of Faith mostly with daily struggles with my career direction and financial struggles. Some days are great, but some days are really trying and I think I question God's plan for me and my marriage and my family. Now I see these trying days as being "flaming arrows" from the enemy and I need to pray that God will help me to wear my armor to protect myself from these bad days and live with total faith in God's greater plans.

    Another challenge area I think I have is the Sword of the Spirit because I don't pick up my Bible and read it daily. This is my first devotional I've ever done so I feel like reading scripture related to marriage and bettering my relationship with God and my husband has really helped to bring that wall down. I previously felt like the Bible was a bit overwhelming to read and understand, but I don't feel that way so much anymore. (Thanks to you, Trina, who came to me with the opportunity of this devotional!)


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