Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 16: Reverence for Christ

Hello Ladies,

Happy Tuesday!

Today's devotional topic on Reverence for Christ is one that I struggled with early on when it was mentioned in the early days of our devotional.  I couldn't see past the idea that I needed to submit to my husband along with God in order to live out his will.  It just didn't sit well with me.  I'm glad Jennifer devoted an entire day to the topic to open it up further.  I'm also glad she listed numerous scripture readings.  After reading and rereading today, I've come to the conclusion that submitting to my husband isn't really that bad of an idea after all.  Actually, I've come to find it a little humbling. I think that if I sustain my faith in God, that faith will definitely rub off on my husband and he will see that leading our family in love is a very important thing.  And, if I let him lead us, he will feel more worthy (although I know we learned that we need to find total worth from God and not entirely from our partner) to do so.

I also loved the quote from Matthew Henry about how God created the woman and about how He created us to be equal, to stand side by side, to be protected by man and to be near his heart to be loved by man..not to be on top or to be trampled on by him.


P.S. I LOVE her sweatshirt!  I may have to order one sometime!


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  2. Oh, and I found a picture much better than I could have drawn for my Amor of God reminders to put around the house! http://grandmotherwren.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/full-armor-of-god.jpg (This one was better than the first.)

  3. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks Trista for taking the lead on today's discussion. It's so nice to start your day doing it. It starts your day off on a positive note and also gives you a sense of accomplishment!

    I am guilty of doing the same thing Jennifer mentions in today's video. I am so thankful I have a husband who wants to and is willing to pray with me at night. He prays first and then asks me to pray. There are nights that my heart is so full of hurt and bitterness that I just cannot pray with him. Or sometimes I have insecurity about praying out loud with him. I guess that would be categorized as fear. This is something I need to surrender to God because I think it is so important in a marriage to pray together regularly. I also know I am not submitting to my husband by refusing to pray.
    Another way of submission Jennifer talks about is simply doing an activity your husband wants to do joyfully. This has been a challenge in the past because I like to plan things and be in control. I realize that isn't really fair if we only do the activities I plan or want to do.

    I also have trouble submitting to God as I think most Christians do. He calls us to submit to his will, law, etc. and as sinners we struggle.

    Trista, I really liked the quote by Matthew Henry, too. It is a great illustration of how God designed our roles as husbands and wives.

    Do you all have anything special planned for Valentine's Day with your husbands?

    1. Glad you liked the Armor of God picture! I also would love to know - have you and Justin always prayed together or is that something since you've been married?

      Torey is going out of town for Valentine's weekend - so my little Wyatt is my Valentine this year. :-)

  4. Trista, I absolutely love the Armor of God picture. I am planning to print it of myself. Thanks so much for sharing that.

  5. This same topic has been the focus at our church for the past couple of weeks. I used to find this part of the scripture very offensive; however, after further reflection, I see now that it is not just the wife that is to submit, it is the husband as well. In fact, the scripture says to submit to one another for the reverence of Christ.

    I have always felt that men and women are equals; however, I also know that we are built very differently in regards to needs. For instance, women are usually open about their feelings. We want to know that we are loved for who we are regardless of our faults. However, men are more reserved. They often show their love by providing for their family. They want to know that we appreciate them and respect them for all that they do. I know that I am guilty of not giving Ryan the respect he deserves. He is a great husband and a wonderful friend. I know that I could rely on him to do what is best for our family. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that letting him lead for awhile might not be a bad idea after all.

  6. Hey ladies! I just want you all to know how much I've missed being a part of the blog the past week. I have been absolutely exhausted and have just felt defeated from everything that life is throwing at me. However, I know that this experience is one that I don't want to miss out on. Thank you, Trina, for reminding me to invest my time into things that truly matter...my growing relationship with Christ, my marriage, and investing in the live of others.

    For today's devotional, I kind of thought...oh geez, another devotional about submission...but God revealed some things to me today. I never understood why I could not fully submit to Chris. I thought it was just my controlling tendencies that got in the way. Now, I realize that I lack submission to my husband because of where he is spiritually. Yes, he believes, but he wavers in his dedication to grow spiritually. I want to know that the decisions he's making for our family are made through his submission to Christ.

    One thing that Jennifer touched on in the video, is the importance of praying together as husband and wife. Chris and I have never prayed together as a couple. We have talked about the importance of it many times, but have yet to actually open up to one another in that way. I guess I am waiting for him to initiate. Him leading our marriage in this way would allow me to be more submissive. However, I realize that I can't put conditions on being submissive to my husband. God calls me to submit to my husband always, without fail.

    For those of you who pray with your husband, how was that initiated into your marriage?

    1. Shauna, my husband and I don't pray together either. I also struggle in submission because of where my husband is spiritually as well. I mentioned to Trina that Jennifer should have a husband's version of this book!! Trina mentioned it to Jennifer and she said there's something in the works. I feel like it would be perfect for Torey to go through this with me. Can you imagine the power our marriages would gain from that?

    2. P.S. Glad to see you're back :)


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