Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 22: Prayer For Your Marriage

Good morning!

Today's devotional taught me a lot about how God can work through Torey and I if we invite Him into our daily lives and marriage through prayer.  I especially liked the verse from Mark about how if there are two or more people coming together in Christ that He is present.  How amazing is that!  I also learned that not only is it important for Torey and I to pray together about things we're thankful for, but also specifically over our marriage.  I am really looking forward to praying with him again when he comes home and also to talk about today's topic and all of the things we can pray for.

Is there anything you ladies found to be holding you back from praying with your husbands if you don't already pray with them daily?  If you already pray with them, are there ever times when you don't want to pray with them because something is holding you back?  For me, I think I'm scared of feeling embarrassed if Torey thinks my prayers are silly.  I'm willing to put that fear aside though and to just dive in.  We'll see how it goes!

Wow, today's video is a heavy duty one from Jennifer.  I definitely recommend watching it.


  1. Hi Ladies,

    Today's topic about praying for your marriage is so an important part of a marriage and your prayer life. I had a chance to read over today's devotional last night. So during my prayer time with Justin last night we had the list of topics to pray about and we incorporated a lot of those topics in last night's prayers. The list of topics really broadened our time of prayer together.

    To answer Trista's question, the only thing that really keeps me from wanting to pray with Justin is if we are arguing or have been arguing. I let my hurt get in the way of forgiveness and thus I put up a wall towards my husband. Even when I have done this, Justin will usually go ahead and pray for us just as Jennifer mentioned in her video. In my opinion that is being a spiritual leader. Also remember, praying together is a form of intimacy with both your husband and God. I know I shared a lot more on last Wednesday's blog regarding prayer and praying with your husband specifically. If you haven't read that I encourage you to revisit the postings on Day 17 ( I think that is the right one??)

    Has anyone added praying for yourself and praying for your husband's needs to your prayers over the last day or two? I have and I have to say... Pretty powerful stuff!

  2. I have the exact same fear as Trista. I am embarrassed to pray out loud with my husband. It seems really crazy since we have been together for 11 years! We do everything else together, so why not pray? My family was not very open with prayer when I was growing up. However, Ryan's family was the complete opposite. They prayed together all the time. I am afraid that Ryan will judge me.. I am not sure that our prayers are similar, but I would think that they would be. I will definitely talk to Ryan about praying together. There is no reason for me to be afraid. After all, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Wish me luck ladies!


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