Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 20: Prayer For You

Good morning!  I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday.

Today's devotional on prayer was another good one.  I'm sure all of us grew up praying and learning that we pray to God whenever we want to talk to Him.  I didn't, however, realize that we are called to pray and that to have a more intimate and deepened relationship with God, we need to pray often and throughout each day.

I really liked Jennifer's list of things we can and should pray about and for.  I also liked in today's youtube video how Jennifer says that sometimes she feels like God is all-knowing and that she doesn't feel like she needs to explain what's going on in her life, but when she does she experiences incredible things and it deepens her intimacy with God.  I often feel like that, but today's topic opened my eyes that I need to be praying to God for all of those things I think He already knows.

Another thing I struggle with is praying for myself.  For the last probably ten years I have always prayed for others - for the safety and health of my family, and for others who need prayer.  I almost felt like that if I continually prayed to God for myself I would be selfish.  I now understand the importance of praying for myself.

Has prayer always come easy to you?  Or have you struggled in ways?


  1. Hi Ladies,

    I feel so blessed today for so many reasons. It is funny because I was really discouraged this week. I was doing a lot of "Why God?" and "When is it my/our turn to be blessed or have our prayers answered?" in my prayers this week. But over the last two days I hear God answering me. Sometimes it feels like God is so far away or not even here at all. But God has been responding to my prayers of discouragement and desperation by showering me with many blessings and showing me that I am precious in His eyes and He does want the very best for me. Trista and Michelle you are both including in the list of blessings over the last two days for different reasons!

    I agree with Trista, I always feel so selfish to pray for myself. I think about all the many many countless other things that needs God's attention.. all over the world. Poverty, Wars, Hunger, Human Sex Trafficking, our Country, our government, people suffering horrible sicknesses and diseases, the list is endless. I feel like why should I bother God with praying for myself when there are so many bigger issues. But that's the thing that I think is hard for us to comprehend... God is all knowing, sees all, knows what the future holds, and has the whole world in his hands. He doesn't need me to delegate or prioritize my prayers.. He just wanted to hear from me. I think praying for myself can be humbling as Jennifer says because if forces you to stop for a moment and say God, I am not perfect, I do need your help and guidance, etc.

    I typically pray a lot in the shower. Sounds strange but I have a lot of clarity in those 10-15 minutes alone. I also pray at night with Justin. And in the car while driving, too.

    Just curious, how has the challenge to pray first thing in the mornings gone for you ladies? Have any of you talked with your husbands about maybe praying together?

    I noticed as I was thumbing through the book that the next few days are all geared towards the topic of prayer! I can't wait for God to speak to me through these days on prayer.

  2. I have always believed that communication is vital for any relationship. However, I have failed to follow that principle when it comes to prayer. The connection did not hit me until today's devotional. I have sometimes felt that prayer is irrelevant. After all, God knows what is in my heart regardless of whether I decide to tell him. After reading today's devotional concerning prayer, I have learned that daily prayer is a vital part of growing my relationship with God. Prayer is one of the most intimate times that we have with the Lord. I vow to begin praying daily at various intervals. Especially during those times that seem so overwhelming. I know that through him, I will gain the strength needed to overcome any and all obstacles!


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