Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 24: The Parts of Marriage

Happy Hump Day Girls!

It is so crazy we are already on Day 24 of 30!

Today's topic is all about the parts of marriage. I love the scripture reading and references to the  human body and its parts. Some things I highlighted from today's reading are:

" The example Paul chose simply explains how parts make up a whole"

" A foot, an ear, an eye are all individual parts, working alongside other parts to fulfill their function and to make up the whole human body."

"Likewise, as a Christian you become a member of Christ's body, working alongside other believers to fulfill God's will." "Everyone is given a different distribution of gifts by the Holy Spirit, they work in unity and in obedience to God."

 Your husband is one part and you are one part but together you are whole and make up the body of your marriage. Each of you bring different attributes to the table through your God given gifts via the Holy Spirit. Without both of your attributes, your marriage would not be whole or complete. I just want to encourage each of you today. Whether you have pinpointed your gifts or you can't seem to think of one gift you possess. God created you in His image (Day 1). That means he designed each of us with such create creativity and uniqueness. You may not realize it or you may doubt it, but your gifts make a difference in others lives, in your marriage, and to your husband.  Sweet friends, each of you possess a gift and have a purpose. Your gift may be to give financial advice or service to others, to show God's love by being a mother, to heal patients through chiropractic, to provide a listening ear to others, to encourage others, the possibilities are endless. So, even though you may not know exactly what your gifts are, recognize that God have given you great purpose and gifts through the Holy Spirit. We are called to use our gifts to care for the body (ie our marriage).

Just like you take care of your body daily, what are some things you can do to take care of your marriage daily to maintain it and keep it healthy?

I can pray for Justin daily and pay attention to his needs and care for his needs as a wife by being loving, supportive, encouraging, and respectful. I can also pray for myself for God to continue to mold me and change me into a Godly wife... A wife after God!


  1. It is very important to remember that marriage is when two become one. Therefore, a husband and wife must work together in unity to make a marriage complete. I am very independent, and I like to think that I can do everything on my own. However, that is definitely not the case when it comes to marriage. In order to make my marriage fruitful, Ryan and I will need to work together and take care of one another.

    Lately, I have been very selfish. My priorities need some real work. With tax season in full force, I have been neglecting several things. One of the biggest things that I have neglected is my marriage. Ryan cooks, cleans, and encourages me everyday. I have to take the time to remember to show him appreciation, love, and respect. I take him for granted a lot. It is my goal to pay more attention to his needs and do my part to make our marriage complete.

  2. I really enjoyed this lesson. The question, "Just like you take care of your body daily, what are some things you can do to take care of your marriage daily to maintain it and keep it healthy?", seems like common sense, but I have never really thought of marriage in that way. From this day forward, I will make a point to ask myself that question every day to ensure that I am maintaining a healthy marriage. In the craziness of life, I find myself putting Chris (and our marriage) on the back burner so to speak. Take this devotional/blog for example, I am normally exhausted in the evenings when I finally sit down around 10 or 11 pm and I fail to read/post for the day. That happens many days in a row. This is just one example of how I fail to maintain a healthy marriage. I truly do believe that this is so important because I strengthen myself and my marriage when I deepen my relationship with Christ, as well as surround myself with like-minded wives.

  3. Wednesday's devotional on the Parts of Marriage was really interesting and here is how I perceived it...

    God is teaching me that my body parts work together equally to make up my whole body; my body and Torey's body both together work equally to make up one flesh (our marriage); each one of us Christians work together equally to make up the body of Christ (or the Church in Jesus' love story) to fulfill God's will. I found that to be so helpful in understanding God's design for each of these things that are so important. In other words, we are all worthy and needed in God's bigger plan.

    I also found this topic to be very inspiring in my profession, Chiropractic. We are called to take care of our bodies, but also equally called to take care of each other in our marriage. We rejoice in good times and comfort in times of need.

    To answer your journal question, Trina.. I feel like if I pray on my marriage and for Torey and I separately daily, pray with my husband daily, and also spend a little time each day in my Bible I will do my part to maintain a healthy God-centered marriage.


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