Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 11: Pure Joy

Today's topic was on creating pure joy by being a living sacrifice for God. I'll be honest, this is a topic I often find myself struggling with because I have selfish tendencies when it comes to taking care of my family or myself.  I don't always give of myself or make sacrifices outside my home.  I do sacrifice much of my own wants or needs though for my husband and my son.  I prayed about this in my journal that God opens my eyes and heart to blessing others more often.  Don't get me wrong, I am definitely the type to hold the door for a mom struggling with her baby or I give a warm smile to a total stranger in a store.. I just feel like I can do more, much more.

I love the story about the two wives where the one wife leaves the cupcake and warm message at the door for the other.  I have been blessed in much the same way a few times in my life and it can change your heart in a second.  This devotional topic really has me thinking of ways outside the box to bless others who may or may not need it.

Do you ladies find it easy to be a living sacrifice?  And do you have any fears yourself about this calling from God?  My fear is my humanly selfishness creeping it's way back into my life.

P.S.  I KNEW IT!  As I was reading through the cupcake story, I had a feeling it was Jennifer's story!! :-)

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  1. Good evening Ladies! We just returned from our trip to Gatlinburg. I am exhausted and trying to catch up with everything around the house.

    Today's topic was one of my favorites so far. I loved reading the story that turned out to be Jennifer's story. I have been blessed many times by small acts of kindness like the friend leaving words of encouragement and small gifts. It is the little things that really matter and can really brighten someone's day. For once, during this study, this is not an area I feel I struggle with. I love love to do things to bless others. Whether it is sending cards in the mail to friends/family, buying someone's lunch/dinner, offering to watch someone's pet/child for a bit, buying someone's coffee in the car behind me at Starbucks (these are all things I have done before) etc. God always blesses me abundantly. He always gives me more than I need thus to share blessings with others. You never know where a person might be in their struggles. As the saying goes you never know what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes. Sometimes the smallest act or gesture can make a world of difference. I always try to picture myself and how I would feel if someone did something small and thoughtful for me. Justin has always said he doesn't think he will ever be as thoughtful of a person and I am. Nothing brings me more joy than to brighten someone else's day and make a difference. I feel that even when you are tight on funds, there's always something you can give of yourself for another person. Maybe a phone call, a prayer, a note, a card, even a facebook post can all make a world of difference and bring someone else joy.

    Here's a verse that I have really been praying on a lot this week. I thought it was kind of appropriate for today's topic.

    And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. 2 Corinthians 9:8 (NLT)


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