Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 17: Wisdom Calls Out

Happy Wednesday!

Today's topic on wisdom is something I think as wives, we desperately need.  I know, in my own situation, I feel like I need to be in control and with that, comes me making my own decisions.  I lack the effort to ask God to guide me with wisdom, even in my everyday life.  I'll be honest, I ask him for wisdom when it comes to tough things in life that I don't feel I can do on my own, but I don't ask for His wisdom about everyday things, like raising my son.

I learned today that God's wisdom trumps all other wisdom and makes other wisdom look foolish (including my own!).  It's the only true wisdom and it's worth is incomparable.   I also found it interesting and awesome that if you desire God's wisdom, ask for it and he will give it generously.  I also liked how Jennifer mentions that if we strive to seek His wisdom and live more like Him, we will gain wisdom through the process of transformation.  It's coming full circle!

In what instances have you acted on your own wisdom instead of God's wisdom?

I feel like I've taken my own reigns in raising my son, when I should be seeking God's wisdom in doing that.  My son is 18 months old and is not talking yet, so I have been trying "everything in the book" to guide him to begin talking.  I think this is one I need God's wisdom for.


  1. Good Morning Girls,

    I wanted to first talk about your questions regarding praying with your husband. Justin and I dated long distance for about four years. After the first year or so of dating we decided to commit to a daily devotional. So every year just before New Years, we would go to Lifeway (Christian store) and pick out a devotional. We would get two books. We made sure to always choose a book that would take us through the whole year. The devotional readings usually had a scripture and a short message or story. They would usually take us 5-10 minutes to do. We would take turns reading each day over the phone at night. It was challenging at times to remember to do them each night. Also if we were arguing we would sometimes neglect to do them. But we would take time to catch up on nights we weren't as busy. We didn't usually pray over the phone though. The devotionals were a small step in the right direction because when I first started dating Justin, he wasn't Mr. Godly (those are his words he's used). He thought his relationship with God was good if he went to church ever so often but his life didn't scream Hey I love Jesus, I'm a Christian, etc. That is not a judgement. These are things Justin openly admits now. So when he was willing to start reading a devotional with me I was excited and knew God would use those to slowly bring transformation. Fast forward to now... we would pray together as in saying a blessing before meals, but not to the extent we do now. We slowly started praying together after we did our pre marriage counseling and even more after having dinner with a pastor at the church we are part of now. He kept saying when y'all pray together....during the dinner. So we talked about it and decided we would add it to our devotional time at night. So now we are going through the Love Dare Daily Devotional (by the way this is our second attempt at this devotional because we fell off the wagon last year- so instead of choosing another book this year we just decided to recommit to this book.) So to answer your questions, we didn't always pray together, but it's so much better when we do! Praying together is a form of intimacy. Praying together reveals your hearts to each other. Sometimes when I have negative thoughts about Justin and say things to myself like I wish he had a heart for God or I wished he would be more of a spiritual leader, my negative thoughts are usually disproved during our prayer time together. I hope this helps. Small steps go a long way. Have you and your husbands thought about choosing a devotional to do together? Anything that forces you both to read scripture will bring about positive changes.

  2. Today's topic...

    Did anyone else find it interesting that both the Bible and Jennifer refer to wisdom as "she/her" giving the connotation that wisdom has a feminine disposition? Something I highlighted in today's reading is "Eve's downfall was her pride, believing that she could find her own way to gain understand and insight. I think that is often still the problem. I think we confuse wisdom with knowledge. And I also think pride really gets in the way.

    I acted on my own wisdom instead of Gods when I took the job in Athens, Alabama. I did not seek God's wisdom in that instance and the consequences were pretty rough.


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