Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 18: Diamond in the Rough

Hi Ladies,

Are you all ready to celebrate Valentine's Day with your husbands/families?

Today's topic was really encouraging to read this morning. I love Diamonds (what girl doesn't?) but especially because my sorority's (Alpha Delta Pi) gem was diamonds. I highlighted the statement," Despite the harsh conditions required to form a diamond, its name is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning unbreakable. This precious gem of utmost quality and concern is considered unbreakable."  Does anyone feel unbreakable today? I feel completely broken. I have really been struggling this week with a lot of things. But I found today's reading to be encouraging. First, I completely agree with each and every bullet point Jennifer made today regarding the pressures of the world. I put so much pressure on myself to be the "perfect wife" to always be on and to always perform. I feel I need to have the house spotless, the dinners cooked, the laundry done, the lunch made, the school work done, the errands run, etc. It is exhausting!! Not to much all the other lists regarding appearances, body image, the guilt of spending time with family members when they ask you to, and the pressures at work. But these pressures are not of God. These pressures stem from what the world tells us. It is overwhelming to juggle all these pressures, isn't it? I end up being bitter and tired from juggling all these tasks and Justin comes home to a hot mess of a wife after work. We have even talked about all these expectations I place on myself in counseling. Even though we talked through it all and Justin's made it clear he doesn't need a 4 course meal every night or a spotless house he wants me to be happy and relaxed during our time together instead of a spaz! He tries to even share in the responsibilities around the house.  But I struggle to break the mentality I have based on what the world tells us. I have made it a goal this Sunday to break the cycle of "I hate Sundays!"that I mentioned this past Sunday. I have talked with a friend and we are planning to go to church together (this breaks the I don't want to go to church alone mentality), have lunch afterwards (meaning my school work should be done before Sunday this week), have leftovers or dinner in the crock pot (that takes away the stress of cooking), and we are working on cleaning the house by doing small things like vacuuming/mopping one night, bathrooms another, etc.( this breaks the whole I have to deep clean everything thought) and enjoy the afternoon by pinteresting, making a tie blanket, or watching TV (Trista and I have talked and we both have trouble just sitting down and watching TV when there are a zillion other tasks to complete.) So this my goal for Sunday... to break the stress and pressure put on me by me and the world. I need to remember to persevere in my relationship with God and my husband and to refute what the world tells me.... which are usually all lies.

So what about today's challenge? What are some of the biggest pressures you feel on a daily basis and how do they affect you?

I shared a few of mine today in my writing. I am going to jot down the list as Jennifer suggests and try to write the positives... that will be the challenge for me... the positives.


  1. I am always feeling pressured and stressed. It is especially rough at this time of the year during tax season. Also, it is not a good month for me. This month is my father's birthday. He passed away 3 years ago. During this time of the year, I have pressures from work, home, and my mom. I feel that since I am the only child it is my job to take care of my mother. I have voiced my concerns with Ryan regarding these issues and like always, he told me that he would help anyway that he could. So my goal is to let him. I always feel pressured to be strong and hold it all together. Eventually, it always ends up getting the best of me. This time, I am ready. My husband and I will handle this together!

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your dad, Michelle. You'll be in my prayers. That's not an easy anniversary.

  2. I loved today's devotional. I have aired myself many times about all of the "hats" I wear in my relationship with my husband, my son, my family, work, my patients, etc, etc, etc. It is definitely exhausting (mentally, physically and emotionally) to wear all of these hats but also to "excel" in each. And, to make the pressures worse, these expectations aren't just my own of me - they are others' expectations. There are times when I feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends and I don't know a way out. But, then there are days when I lay my burdens at God's feet and He lightens my load. I feel much lighter today - and resilient like a diamond!

    The parts of today's devotional that stood out to me were..

    "You place unrealistic expectations on yourself, being your own worst critic and pressing thoughts of discouragement even further into your heart." Do any of you ladies feel like you are too hard on yourself.. but don't see any other choice? I'm so guilty of this.

    "Pressures to be better, to be a superwoman, a wife that manages perfectly or a mom who does it all." Oh my goodness - I think I've said this to myself a few hundred times. I often jokingly call myself superwoman, but when I feel like superwoman I can't exactly say I enjoy life when I'm that busy and exhausted.

    "...forcing you to conform to the world." So true - these pressures corner you right into where the "world" needs and wants you to be.

    Along with this devotional, I am reading The Daniel Plan right now. Have you guys heard of it? It's the book on faith, food, fitness, focus and friends and pretty much how to find health but incorporating God and Biblical reason for doing so. Between that and this book I'm finding myself praying more often each day. I must admit, it's helping me to get through each and every struggle I feel.

    I hope you ladies have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your husbands!

  3. Yes I have heard of the Daniel plan. Justin and I almost picked a different life group that was starting that study up but we went with the group we are currently in now. I am interested to hear more about it, Trista.


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