Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 9: The Good Life

Good Morning Ladies! We made it to Pigeon Forge last night. We had a great dinner and then relaxed at our suite, which is in my opinion nicer than our room we stayed in at the Orpyland Hotel after our wedding reception. We are so blessed to be able to have this time together and such awesome accommodations.

Ladies, don't feel overwhelmed if you haven't been able to post over the last few days. Don't be discouraged. Just jump back in and pick up where you left off. Satan wants you to feel like it's too much to catch up but that's simply one of his many lies and schemes to keep you from growing closer to God and your husband.

Ok today's topic... Today's story brought tears to my eyes. What a powerful story of unconditional love. I know in my own thinking and mindset I would have been very frustrated if I were in the wife's shoes. What an amazing example of mirroring Christ's love story.

When I got married and even today I always thought being a good wife meant cooking, cleaning, laundry, being a domestic goddess so to speak! It is exhausting! It is a topic we have been discussing in counseling. It's actually a point of frustration for us. Justin keeps saying I want you to relax and take it easy today (this is usually over the weekend when he works) and I ignore his statement and go right into deep cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, any and every task under the sun. I end the day being cranky and tired and he ends it being frustrated. While I do think God is all for me serving my husband and putting his needs before my own, but I think in our case it's extreme and over the top! I think I need to learn balance and come to the reality that is it okay to take time to relax and have down time.

What is one way you can be a good wife today?
For me I can take a deep breath and left all my millions of thoughts and stresses go and enjoy my husband. I can take the time today as we head out to the attractions and activities and just have fun with him, laughing and celebrating our time together.

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  1. Today's topic on being The Good Wife was a good one. I thought of it in the sense that even on the rough days, that if I stick to my faith in God and draw closer to Him, my family and my husband will pick up on this source of God's energy and light in me and it will, in turn, be a source of good to him.

    Trina, I am completely guilty of going over the top to take care of things around the house too. Since I am only working part-time, I have the majority of my week at home to take care of my son along with be a house wife (which is not my favorite nor did I ever imagine myself to be one). There are some days that I push myself, but there are others where I see the sense in slowing down and enjoying my time with Wyatt and Torey. I haven't yet found a balance between it all, and I'll be praying for the guidance to find that balance.

    I really liked the part of today's devotional that talked about "with your eyes focused on God you will become a light to others through your words and actions. God will also be your source of energy, source of hope, and your source of strength to endure any season of life." This is amazing because it puts it all into perspective for me. I need to draw close to Him every day and the rest pretty much falls into place. He will become my source of energy, hope, and strength. Jennifer mentions that we are called to be good wives and that in time our marriage will reap a harvest that will produce extraordinary. Doesn't that sound amazing?

    My way of being a good wife to Torey is going to be to pray for him. As far as today's (tomorrow's) challenge on one way to put my husband's needs above my own today.. I'm still working on that one. :-)


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